Tactics of a Narcissistic Personality Disordered Mother by Gail Meyers

Tactics of a Narcissistic Personality Disordered Mother

The Narcissist's Mask Slipped. Photo used with written permission from Artist Sherit Ra via Deviant Art

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*This article was originally published by Gail Meyers on October 15, 2011 under the title of When Your Mother Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  It was moved to this blog due to being copied from top to bottom, then the original being targeted in order to remove it from the search results and gain priority over the original.  It has now been moved againto reflect an expansion of topic, consolidate and hopefully having been control of the digital property. This many years later, the cyberstalking thieves are still at it.

Take this with you for easy reference during the move, Summer 2017.

Tactics of a Narcissistic Mother by Gail Meyers

Do Narcissistic Mothers Ever Change?

 The more traits your mother has that fit the disorder, the less likely she is a candidate for successful treatment. This means that you can't fix her and you should not be attempting it.
Dr. Karyl McBride Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

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According to experts in the field, including clinical expert on narcissistic personalities, Dr. Linda Martinez-Lewi, successful treatment depends on how narcissistic your mother is. The higher the level of narcissism, the more traits, the less the likelihood for recovery. For those on the highest end of the spectrum, I am unaware of anyone claiming successful treatment. Those highest on the narcissism spectrum do not change, ever.
Some believe narcissists are unwilling, while others maintain they are unable to change. This is an important distinction   because it so often influences how a compassionate person responds to the narcissist. If a narcissist is unwilling to change then they are accountable for their current condition. If a na…

Narcissistic Abuse: Echo Recovery - Summer 2017

UPDATE: Be sure to bookmark Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© on Google, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter - Summer 2017! New features include the Thought for the Day, (which will be established @echoscapegoatrecoverytactics on Facebook in case this link is changed and for easy reference), and the Verse of the Day. Also, during our countdown celebration to Independence Day we started Narcissistic Abuse: Legal Awareness around the web to draw attention to the experts and the issues.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook was recaptured, and the move continues. However, the copyright on the newly announced and created page, Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics© Facebook (@recoverytactics) was removed from the title of the page, as well as from other digital material around the web. This is in keeping with the narcissistic pattern of flipping the script, stealing, then apparently claiming they are being infringed upon. Hence, a copyright version of playing the victim while vilifying tr…

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The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother

The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother

© by Gail Meyers

The Scapegoats of a Narcissistic Mother will be available soon.  This book contains the things I wish I had known 30 years ago.  During the course of posting the essence of the book on the blog by the same name my computer, blogs, Facebook pages and even a couple of videos have been hacked.  So if you notice anything out of place, please let me know.

Additionally, videos are available on YouTube at Gail Meyers.


Update 6/08/2016: I am dealing with relentless hackings, harassment and even stalking. However, I anticipate being able to publish the book by late this year - 2016.

Update 3/20/2017: I have been relentlessly hacked, stalked, drugged, had chemicals sprayed on me in public, etc., and sustained serious physical injuries as a result of multiple perpetrator stalking. Additionally, all of my pages and accounts have been hacked. However, I still intend to publish my books, but this is the reason the first one was no…

The Narcissist's Smear Campaign

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The narcissist's smear campaign involves gossip, lies and slander. You can become the target of a narcissist's smear campaign for numerous reasons. It can be anything from their insane jealousy, to the fact that the narcissist knows you see through their facade, to concealing their abuse or for simply disagreeing with them.

In my experience, the smear campaign is always used by abusers for what they consider premeditated damage control in anticipation of exposure. My alcoholic pedophile step-father used it during the years he sexually abused me, as well as continuing in it once I was an adult. Of course, that was first and foremost to keep me quiet about the abuse. Secondly, it was an attempt to discredit me so no one would believe me should I decide to tell. My narcissistic personality disordered mother used smear campaigns against her scapegoat children, anyone she was jealous of, anyone who attempted to hold her accountable, and anyone who saw through…

A Narcissist's Silent Treatment

A Narcissist's Silent Treatment by Gail Meyers has been moved from this blog, Narcissist Abuse: Echo Recovery to Echo Scapegoat Recovery Tactics. Join us there!

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